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Lawn Tractor Reviews

Welcome to our site! We hope to provide you with the best information regarding the world of lawn tractors. On this site you will find a variety of product reviews, lawn care and buying tips, and all of the info you need when considering your next lawn care purchase. Ever wondered what the difference between a lawn and garden tractor was? Or perhaps you have questions about the small discrepancies between specific tractor lines? We’ve got you covered on all entry-level buyer needs and more. We want to make sure you find the tractor or mower that best suits your needs, and give you the information you need to maintain a beautiful lawn for years to come. Happy browsing!

How To Choose A Lawn Tractor

One our most important goals is to help you find the best lawn tractor for the job you need done. You can find plenty of information throughout the site about a variety of lawn tractors, but here are some starting points when seeking out a new one.

First off, you need to know your land. Consider these things before going further:

  • Size of your lawn
  • How dense is your grass?
  • Are there slopes or difficult terrain?
  • Are there obstacles in your mowing path?

The size of your lawn will most likely influence your decision on mower deck width. The more acres you have, the more deck width you want. Small lawns can be cut with a smaller width around 42” or so, but once you get up to 2-3 acres and above, you’ll want to increase the width potentially all the way up to 54”.

The density of grass will have you consider blade size and rotation. There are many different types of blade and rotation types, and typically you will want more blades and a faster rotation style if you are dealing with dense, thick grass. If you have a small, short grass lawn, you want less because you don’t want to destroy your lawn with unnecessarily broad cuts.

If there are slopes and rough terrain, you will want to look into garden tractors. They are built more compact and meant to handle tough mowing scenarios. However, if you are on flat ground, you don’t necessarily need to spend the raised cost of a garden tractor.

If you are dealing with lots of obstacles and trees, a zero turn mower is worth looking into. These maneuver with an ease that no other mower can offer, and can turn mowing around objects into a hassle-free situation.

Once you know the lay of your land, you’ll start to narrow down your options for what lawn tractor to buy. This is when it gets into the smaller details of what the tractors have to offer, and you’ll want to consider the following:

  • Engines, transmissions, and power
  • Turning radius
  • Attachments
  • Price

If you have a lot of land to mow, you’re going to want a tractor with a lot of power. This power comes from a variety of engine and transmission combinations. When you see tractor listings, you will usually see the type of engine listed with the amount of horsepower next to it. Throughout this site we’ve provided some info on some engine types, but you’ll want to research customer reviews for reliability. Likewise with transmissions; lots of hydrostatic transmissions may sound fancy, but they have not all proven to be reliable or worth the cost over the years.

As mentioned before, if you have a lot of trees or obstacles in your mowing path, you will want a tractor with a tight turning radius. While zero-turn mowers are the best for maneuvering, they are more expensive, and there are plenty of standard lawn tractors with able, tight turning radiuses. If your mowing path is completely open, you don’t have to factor in the turning radius as much.

A lot of people want their lawn tractors to double as a number of other things, such as a mulcher, plower, snow blower, small towing etc. That is perfectly fine, but before you buy the tractor you need to make sure that it is equipped for such activity. Make sure to find out information on what exactly the tractor can have attached to it, and whether or not the tractor is built to handle everything you wish to use it for.

Lastly, if price is an issue, you’ll want to seek out mowers that can perform the tasks you want, but without going over your budget. On this site, you’ll see that the more complex the mower, the pricier they get. If you don’t mind putting in the manual labor for a small yard, then a cheap and reliable gas-powered push mower is all you need. However, if your budget is large, and you want your mowing to look immaculate, you should spend the big bucks on a souped up garden tractor or zero-turn mower (depending on the landscape).

We hope that this is a good start for all lawn tractor buyers. Please browse the site further for more in-depth lawn tractor and lawn care specifics.